A used delivery or cargo-style van is requested as a donationFree Market to help Red Bank POP expand its outdoor public "Free Market" events this year. Last fall, two successful free markets were held in Red Bank. A Free Market is a community building event, where no money exchanges hands for goods given or received, and generally all items are of good, usable quality, not "junk"

     Enthusiastic neighborhood and drive-by participants were eager to bring and donate excess things or "stuff" just taking up space in their home, and then find items at the free market they needed for free.

      A donated van can be in running or non-running repairable condition, which would be used by POP to pick up, deliver, provide temporary storage for free market items and also bring the free market to other locations in the greater Red Bank area. Requests for transporting items such as furniture and other bulk items, were made last year, some of them by senior citizens.

     The Free Market idea expands on the "gift economy" which Composite White Vansis the recognized social practice of freely giving and receiving between oneself and family & friends, volunteering, donating food for others, and many forms community activities.

     RedBankPOP.org envisions that interactive events like the Free Market, are key to building neighborhoods where people meet, know and help each other. In today's tech-oriented society we are often deprived of quality social time, while also accumulating possessions that we don't know where to store or when they will be used again. The Free Market helps solve that problem. POP invites civic minded people to contact us with positive ideas that better everyone's lifestyle.