is a study commissioned by the Red Bank Borough Council.


This important report on the operations of Red Bank Borough government, states:

"If the citizens of Red Bank and their elected representatives remain committed to improving the governmental system and to professional management throughout all departments, the current situation can indeed be turned around."

Hence, this underscores the need for Red Bank POP.

     Download Full Report Here.

However, if the below quotes printed at the beginning of the report are any sign of the review findings, one may find the details interesting as a spotlight on a mess that escapes public view and a curable illness that has been ignored by elected officials for years.

“We can’t continue the way we are.”

“Morale is terrible and affects performance and customer service.”

“We have been sliding downhill for years now, with too many divided responsibilities for too long and then just plain neglect.”

“I feel like I have eight bosses, all telling me different things to do.”

“Meetings have no purpose here or takeaways or game plans. There’s no goal setting in staff meetings.”

“You have to be a pest here to get anything done.”

“Our facilities are a disaster.”

“We are all out of sync. I don’t know what the goals and objectives of the Mayor and Council are.”

“Communications from Borough Hall need to be better.”

“Important issues here have been ignored for much too long.”