Some have asked about the transparency of POP and its Founder, Alberto. Here is his response to an inquirer:

Hi Red Bank Anonymous Resident,

My name is Alberto Larotonda, and I thank you for your interest and concerns.

I'm glad that POP caught your attention.

Your idea about providing more information about the founder(s) is a good one, and one which I had planned to do.

I am the organizer at this time, have lived in Red Bank more than 25 years, and I have never been a part of the political establishment of entrenched democrats or entrenched republicans, nor part of the Republican drive for government change referendum, nor the river center group, nor any position in municipal government, nor the school board.

I am trying to benefit our town, which needs an open place for disconnected residents to discuss matters that are important, and have been neglected as a result of overworked and distracted elected officials and the incompetence of others.

I hope these article links can answer your questions about my interest(s):

No Lead in Water, Red Bank Official Says

Water Connection Leaks Could Soak Home Owners

Accounting of Skate Park Funds Urged

Possibility of Parking Garage Draws Protest

Website To Give and Get

Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you!