Red Bank POP (People Over Politics)


The Vision:

POP is an Organization of Red Bank Residents, Both Homeowners and Renters who believe that Red Bank can become a model of:

People who work together with their government and elected officials to achieve exemplary results with local services, lifestyle, the economy and wise use of its natural resources.

POP is a dynamic group looking to include all residents to be a part of the "issues" conversation and decision-making process of local government, but because of habits and attitudes in the political landscape and sometimes their own time limitations, they have been historically left out. POP invites all positive, creative and forward thinking people to join our effort. POP looks to be devoid of wholesale complaining and concentrate on positive community efforts.

Red Bank is a small town of people of diverse cultural backgrounds, housing arrangements, transportation, commerce & economy but mimics the problems and promise of city living. POP is an opportunity for great ideas to come forth from the silent and often invisible, 99% of the population.


POP SIGNS are popping up and we will soon have meetings. Check our schedule under "events" on this site.

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The "seeds" of POP have been in fertile ground for years. Many have witnessed decades-old political drama over Red Bank parking, business issues and redevelopment that has produced questionable results, a lack of consistent & tangible action, and a crisis of economic stagnation that is overshadowing other priorities in town.


Red Bank is a beautiful and cool old town, growing and trying to adapt to a new social and economic era.

Like communities across America, many Red Bank residents experience being disconnected from their neighbors and being out of touch with important local concerns. This lack of communication creates a lack of interest, and makes fertile ground for political gamesmanship that can destroy a community socially and economically.

Examples of resident non-participation include:

1) Red Bank business have two organizations representing their interests, The River Center and the The Red Bank Business Alliance. However, residents do not have an organized place to discuss their concerns and work on action-oriented solutions.

2) Red Bank municipal elections often experience little or no competition.

The Time is Gone For:

Unnecessary distractions that waste the limited time that officials have to devote to community concerns, and delay the timely decision making needed to satisfy Red Bank as an affordable place to live, a convenient place to live, and a community where one can form good bonds and relationships in neighborhoods.

The Time is Now For:

Discussion of how Red Bank Residents and government should function today in order for it to serve its people properly, and taking swift action to make a vision a reality.